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Your data has never looked so good.

Multivariate Statistical Data Analysis and Visualisation

Seventh Sense Software proudly presents "Chameleon Statistics" - the world's finest cluster analysis and data visualisation software. Chameleon Statistics provides a unique blend of comprehensive functionality, stunning graphics, and world class algorithms.

Cluster Analysis, Density Estimation and Classification

Cluster analysis helps you to extract knowledge from your data. Density estimation helps you to model it. Classification helps you to apply what you have learnt. Chameleon Statistics is the only statistics package to focus on all three of these.

Eye-Catching Graphics and a User-Friendly Interface

Chameleon Statistics' proprietary data visualisation techniques can transform your data into spectacular works of art. Soothing 3D animations and brightly-coloured density maps combine with a seamless and intuitive interface to make work truly a pleasure.

Diverse Applications in Business and Academia

Statisticians, market researchers, consulting firms, sales and marketing personnel, businessmen, academics, imaging specialists and software developers can all reap the benefits of Chameleon Statistics' data analysis and visualisation tools.

*** LATEST NEWS *** Chameleon Statistics Version 1.23 now available!