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We don't just build software. We change paradigms.

Statistical Analysis and Data Visualisation

Seventh Sense Software develops advanced statistical data analysis products. We have particular expertise in financial data analysis, statistical pattern recognition, hyperspectral remote sensing, computer-aided diagnosis and anomaly detection.

Algorithm Development, Modeling and Simulation

We are experts in the development of complex, time-efficient and storage-efficient mathematical algorithms to solve problems arising in diverse real-world applications. We also build models and simulations of complex physical systems.

Online Learning and Content Management Systems

We design ontologies and develop novel frameworks for the classification, storage, retrieval and dissemination of knowledge. We aspire to improve the quality of education for all through our state-of-the-art online learning technologies.

Expert Systems, Artificial Intelligence and NLP

We build intelligent, knowledge-intensive, adaptive and evolving expert systems. We have a particular interest in natural language based applications such as language modeling, machine aided translation and speech recognition.